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Title:   The Imprisoned Warlord! Jinbei, Knight of the Sea!
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Episode Summary from one piece wikia :

Some Impel Down guards of Level 6 are talking about how surprisingly quiet it is. One of them says that the people imprisoned there are legendary monsters that have a bounty exceeding 100 million. The guard explains more about Level 6: Eternal Hell how the only way people leave that floor is when they are sentenced to death. Another guard says that dying for the prisoners is better than being locked up. The guards are then informed that warden, the assistant warden, and the Shichibukai Boa Hancock will be arriving soon. The guards are confused on why Hancock would want to visit Fire Fist Ace as he is the most dangerous inmate in the entire world now. One guard then remembers another Shichibukai that caused an uproar at Marine Headquarters and the Shichibukai is seen being put into the same cell as Ace. The Shichibukai is revealed to be Jinbe and Jinbe says he cannot accept death. Jinbe says he doesnt care if he loses is title as Shichibukai but only wants to prevent the war. The guards of Level 6 just got word that the Basilisk has damaged the surveillance room shocked to hear that the intruders have beaten it. They want to know whats going on on Level 2.

On Level 2, Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino are seen running from several Wild Beasts of Hell. Luffy says that they dont have time to keep running while Buggy says that they must or tell will become the monsters prey. Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino all attack the monsters at the same time but Luffy hits a Puzzle Scorpion that splits down into smaller beings. The monsters continue to chase after them but eventually lose Luffy and the others. The monsters and Puzzle Scorpions suddenly stop running and hear the sound of stomping and run off in that direction. Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino emerge from hiding from above as it is revealed that Buggy separated his feet and tricked the monsters into running away. However, Buggy blew their cover and the monsters soon start chasing after them again. Buggy then says that he heard the boss of Level 2 is a large, lion-like creature. Luffy thinks the lion-like monsters chasing them are it but Galdino explains they are Manticores and will be trouble if they are caught by them. The Manticores suddenly start to imitate people voices and Galdino tells Luffy and Buggy to ignore them. Luffy then askes Galdino how they can get further down and Galdino is surprised to hear that Luffy is not trying to escape. Buggy then tells Galdino that Luffy intends on saving his brother Ace and Galdino is shocked to hear that Luffy and Ace are related. Galdino, not wanting to have any part, tries to escape but is caught by Luffy who askes where the stairs are. Galdino then remembers that the stairs leading to Level 1 also lead down to Level 3 and intends on using Luffy to keep the beast distracted so he can escape to Level 1. Galdino agrees to help out and the group head down some stairs. Galdino ends up running into a large monster and it is revealed to be the guardian of Level 2: the Sphinx. The other monsters run away and the Sphinx suddenly start to attack Luffys group. Buggy and Galdino suddenly form a secret Escape Alliance and plan on using Luffy as a decoy.

Luffy notices Buggy and Galdino doing something but the Sphinx continues to attack Luffy. Luffy dodges the attack and uses Gomu Gomu no Bazooka to knock down the Sphinx. However, this only upsets the Sphinx and Luffy grabs onto the Sphinxs hair while Buggy escapes to high ground. The Sphinx then attacks Galdino but manages to escape by creating a wax figure of himself. Galdino gloats on his powers to the Sphinx and creates more wax figures of himself. The Sphinx then begins to attack the wrong ones and Luffy plays along making the Sphinx hit the wrong ones. Buggy and Galdino both are surprised to see how Luffy is playing along with the Sphinx while other prisoners are getting worried. The Sphinxs crushing causes more problems on Level 2 and Buggy and Galdino attempt to make their getaway. However, the Sphinx crushes the floor too much and a large hole opens sending it, Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino crashing down to Level 3.

Back on Level 6, Jinbe is saying how the World Government calls him a pirate hating pirate much to Aces surprise. Jinbe says he spent a lot of time on Whitebeards ship and admits he likes those guys. Ace recalls Jinbe trying to kill him but Jinbe replies that Ace tried to kill him back. Jinbe then says he wanted to help Whitebeard since Fishman Island is at peace because of him. Jinbe remembers the Great Pirate Era that many human pirates invaded Fishman Island and was too much to hold them back. Jinbe says that many Fishmen and Mermaids were captured and sold but then, Whitebeard appeared saying that the island belongs to him now. Jinbe says he will never forget how Whitebeard protect Fishman Island by doing that. Ace tells Jinbe to stop as he is being too hard on himself but Jinbe says he hasnt given up hope. Suddenly, someone from a nearby cell says that its the perfect time to take down Whitebeard. Suddenly, the other Level 6 prisoners start saying that Whitebeard will die and they want to kill him. Crocodile continues saying how many people will hold back their tears if they didnt get the chance to kill Roger or Whitebeard. Meanwhile, Luffy, Buggy, Galdino, and the Sphinx are still seen falling down to Level 3.

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Some Impel Down guards of Level 6 are talking about how surprisingly quiet it is. One of them says that the people imprisoned there are legendary monsters that have a bounty exceeding 100 million. The guard explains more about Level 6: Eternal Hell how the only way people leave... more..


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